Luverne TKD Testing 12/2014

Luverne Taekwondo Testing December 2014 Results

Testing event was successfully held on 12th December 2014 in Luverne, MN at 113 1/2 East Main, Luverne, MN. The judges, students and audience showed amazing supportdid a fantastic job. It was a great day of testing!

Luverne Taekwondo Association hosted the event. It was a very well organized program. Black Belt judges were exceptional. Not only did they test students in form, sparring and techniques, but also their understanding of Taekwondo and the attributes that make them a better person. It was a delightful opportunity to see students showcase their talents and discipline. All students performed very well and got promoted.

Students from Luverne Taekwondo, Sioux Falls Taekwondo, Ram’s Taekwondo and Algona Taekwondo participated in testing.


Many photos are available on Sioux Falls Taekwondo Photo Gallery on Picasaweb. Please feel free to check them out.


[table colwidth=”200″]
Nolan Bartholomaus,10th Grade Yellow Belt
Gibson Wood,10th Grade Yellow Belt
Jackson Buche,9th Grade Yellow Belt Recommend
Ender Wood,9th Grade Yellow Belt Recommend
Sam Baskin,9th Grade Yellow Belt Decided
Tyce Vanwell,9th Grade Yellow Belt Decided
Veronica Shukla,7th Grade Orange Belt
Sam Kahn,7th Grade Orange Belt Recommend
Avery Starr,6th Grade Green Belt
Connor German,5th Grade Green Belt Recommend
Dylan Siemers,5th Grade Green Belt Decided
Paul Schwartz,3rd Grade Blue Belt Recommend
Lincoln Jackson,2nd Grade Brown Belt Decided
Kierra Lubovich,2nd Grade Brown Belt Decided
Andrew Kahn,1st Grade Red Belt Decided
Carson Reese,1st Grade Red Belt Decided
Mason Cox,1st Degree Black Belt Recommend

Make sure to congratulate them on their great performance!

Action shots

Students ready to start testing

Yellow and Orange belts testing

Blue belt and above


Board breaking

Mason testing

Master Vink with his students


  • 6th Degree Black Belt:
    Wes Grieme
  • 4th Degree Black Belts:
    Noble Ram,Troy Vink, Suzie Walgrave, Chris Nowatzki, Teresa Nickell
  • 3rd Degree Black Belts:
    Mel DeJong, Emily DeJong, Mark Moeller
  • 2nd Degree Black Belts:
    Jase Roemeling, Kari Roemeling
  • 1st Degree Black Belts
    Michael Wilson, Tyler Johnson, Travis Johnson, Dennis Kraber