Luverne TKD Testing 06/2015

Luverne Taekwondo Testing June 2015 Results

Judges, students, parents and visitors gathered in Luverne, MN for JuneĀ 2015 testing at 113 1/2 East Main, Luverne, MN. It was delightful to see well-prepared students testing!


[table colwidth=”200″]
Sofia French,10th Grade Yellow Belt
William Johnston,10th Grade Yellow Belt
Finn Ralston,10th Grade Yellow Belt
Katelyn Johnston,9th Grade Yellow Belt Recommend
Owen Lewis,9th Grade Yellow Belt Recommend
Kaiden Potts,9th Grade Yellow Belt Recommend
Julianne Johnston,9th Grade Yellow Belt Decided
Nathan Lewis,9th Grade Yellow Belt Decided
James Sorum,9th Grade Yellow Belt Decided
Colton Tolly,9th Grade Yellow Belt Decided
Lily Ralston,9th Grade Yellow Belt Decided
Ender Wood, 8th Grade Orange Belt
Tyce VanWell,7th Grade Orange Belt Recommend
Andy Wood,7th Grade Orange Belt Decided
Avery Starr,4th Grade Blue Belt
Kierra Lubovich,1st Grade Red Belt Decided
Carson Reese,1st Degree Black Belt Recommend

Make sure to congratulate them on their great performance! Master Vink awarded students their belts at McKennan Park in Sioux Falls.


Many photos are available on Sioux Falls Taekwondo Photo Gallery on Picasaweb. Please feel free to check them out.



  • 6th Degree Black Belt:
    Wes Grieme
  • 5th Degree Black Belt:
    Suzie Walgrave
  • 4th Degree Black Belts:
    Troy Vink, Chris Nowatzki
  • 3rd Degree Black Belts:
    Mel DeJong, Steve McQueen, Mark Moeller, Jase Roemeling, Cody Henrichs
  • 2nd Degree Black Belts:
    Tyler Johnson, Kari Roemeling
  • 1st Degree Black Belts
    Jason Aanenson, Nicole Aanenson, Kade Bottjes, Sean Botljes, Perceyis Trierwieler, Mason Cox