Midwest TKD Championships 03/2014

Midwest Taekwondo Championships March 2014 in Tea, SD

Eight students competed at the Midwest Taekwondo Championships held at the Tea High School in March, 2014. The outcome was fantastic.


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Participant Form Sparring
Dylan 2nd
Paul 3rd 4th
Lincoln 3rd 2nd
Caleb 4th
Carson 3rd 1st
Andrew 3rd 1st
Mason 1st 4th
Jorgen 1st 1st

Please feel free to congratulation them.

Action shots

Students getting ready for the championship

Judges are ready

Mason getting ready

Mason, Andrew, Jorgen, Carson, Lincoln with their trophies

Lincoln stands 2nd in sparring

Andrew tops in sparring

Carson tops in sparring

Jorgen tops in both forms and sparring

Dylan stands 2nd in forms