Beginner pack

Get started with a BeginnerPack that is handed out the first night of class for new students.

Belt information

Here is a list of Belt information for student reference, as they advance through the ranks. You will find required techniques and other needed tools for your specific level.

Instruction video

We will be adding onto this section soon for more advanced levels. Here are the early level FORMS in a video format, that have been requested by my student (parents) for quite some time. This will give everyone a video reference to what we are learning in class.
*NOTE…. these videos are taken from the back side starting position, to give the view of following along with me in front of you as a guide.

To view all videos visit Sioux Falls Taekwondo Channel on Youtube

White Belt – Ki Cho Il Bo

Yellow Belt – PalGwe 1

Yellow Belt – TaeGuek 1

Orange Belt – PalGwe 2

Orange Belt – TaeGuek 2

Green Belt – PalGwe 3

Green Belt – TaeGuek 3