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Grand Master Pak Taekwondo Family

I just want to share the line of where WE came from first to set the stage…

I started Teakwondo about 33 years ago with Master Wes Grieme.

  • Master Grieme started his Taekwondo about 5 years prior at Iowa State University with Grand Master Yong Chin Pak (around 1977).
  • Grand Master Pak studied Taekwondo, Judo, and Hapkido in Korea and achieved black belt in all three of these martial arts. He brought the program to Iowa State and promoted a legacy over the years with several hundred black belts that have branched throughout the US.
  • We have a direct connection to this Family and have also branched out to St. Paul, MN and Algona, IA with our black belts that have moved on to continue teaching the traditional Taekwondo.

It is an awesome family tree to look at and know that we are a part of that LEGACY from the Pak family.

Now Grand Master Pak has been inducted into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame. This has taken over 40 years of his commitment to our growing organization and spread the Nation with PAK “family” and tradition.

Nice to know information:

  • Lance Ferrell is one of the Pak family and owns and operates the Ferrell gyms that have grown from Iowa into South Dakota. I have known Lance Ferrell for years and used to compete with him also (great Clint Eastwood impersonation by the way).
  • Master Pak has retired to CA and one of our fellow Luverne students, Master Hamman,┬áhas taken his position at Iowa State as the Taekwondo central for our Family. Master Hamman has grown and excelled in all of the martial arts that Grand Master Pak has taught. We have been very lucky to have one of our local student carry on such a HUGE tradition. Funny, how I know Master Hamman from when he was a little kid in our class, now trying to fill Grand Master Pak’s shoes…tough road, but we support him.
  • Grand Master Pak family has been very involved with all aspects of Teakwondo and has MANY members that now compete at National and International levels. We also can boast that the Pak family has current members involved in International referee. Master Anne Chase (from Iowa State) is scheduled to referee at the next Olympic event. Master Wickam (National referee and trainer) was in Sioux Falls for the referee clinic early this year (Also Iowa State and Pak family).

We have a lot to be proud of and a lot of “LEGACY” to continue, so keep up the great work!!